Retire to St Lucia – Why retire to St Lucia?

The Pitons in Soufriere

Iwas born in St Lucia and feel very privileged to be living on this amazing island . I have travelled to most of the other Caribbean islands and St Lucia is totally different from the other popular islands surrounding it such as popular Barbados. The center of the island is more mountainous, is shrouded by lush rain-forests, and the people are a little more relaxed here.

We do have crime in St Lucia which is normal on the islands and elsewhere, however the general advice for a visitor or new resident is to take all the precautions they would normally do with regard to their current home and possessions.

If you are looking to Retire to St Lucia – Here are some FACTS of St Lucia:

  • Good Food and Lots of Various cuisine
  • Truly Breathtaking
  • Property prices are reasonable
  • Lots of attractions espescially the "the Pitons" 
  • Only Walk-In volcano in the World
  • Botanical gardens
  • Friendly People