Things to do in St Lucia Dennery

treetop adventure st lucia dennery

Love Adventure? This house for sale in Dennery St Lucia by Owner is the right place for you. Dennery is untouched and is filled with rich history and culture. You can find all the things you need to do and all the things you want! 

Buying this house for sale in Dennery is seamless as it integrates perfectly with various aventurous tour options available.

Dennery Heritage and Nature TrailFond D’or Nature and Historical Park

A former colonial sugar mill built over a former Amerindian settlement, Fond D’or Nature and Historical Park is rich with history. A light hike through the park takes you through the remnants of three technologies: wind, cattle and steam mills used during the time of sugar production on the island. This expansive site offers history, a 45 minute moderate hike, bird watching and scenic mangroves. Explore a wide range of undulating landscapes from estuarine forests to mangrove eco systems. The beach is a nesting site of the Leather Back turtle, the world’s largest living reptile.

Tree Top Adventure in Dennery St LuciaTreetop Canopy Adventure

World class zip line tour in Dennery St Lucia. The longest, highest and fastest lines in St. Lucia! Experience the exhilaration of a world-class zipline in the Caribbean. Zipping through the treetops in the middle of the tropical rainforest delivers a rush that would leave even Tarzan breathless. Trained guides take you on the ride on your life on a course designed for maximum thrill and exposure to the best views of the rainforest. Named ‘Best Zipline in the Caribbean‘ by ShoreTrips, this ride has 12 lines, including the island’s longest and highest..

Mandele Visitor Center DenneryMandele Visitor Center

Mandele offers breathtaking views overlooking the Dennery Village. It is reminiscent of “La Ventana”, Spanish for window. From this perspective it mirrors the window to the soul of Dennery. This visitor rest point is ideal for romantics to relax and reflect o the day’s events, as well as the intriguing mysteries of life itself, while enjoying the delights of some of the finest cuisine of Dennery. Mandele offers one of the best sites for a truly memorable moment of pictorial history while vacationing in Saint Lucia.

Organic Roots Farm in DennerySankofa Rainbow Roots Farm

Sankofa Rainbow Roots Farm is located in La Perl, Mabouya Valley, Dennery. This ecological, health and wellness farm adheres to the international standards for Organic Farming and Permaculture. The Farm is managed according to the Rastafarian philosophy, which guides its sustainable practices.The Ethiopian word for Prince is Ras and the Emperor of Ethiopia: Haile Sellassie (who is considered a descendant of King David, is their divine spiritual leader). They called him "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah." When he was king he used the name "Tafari." Come learn about aroma therapy, the restoring and healing wonders of herbs, how to grow your own food “organically”, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, collect rainwater, build communities and much more, all through the Livity of Rastafari. . 


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